Well anyways the meeting will be in Seoul, Korea. There will be 2 courses.

Course A: From August 20th to August 22nd
Course B: From August 20th to August 23rd

During the fan meeting there’s going to be lots of different activities!

1- A mini live of 4 songs
2- Fun stories and games with the Big Bang members!
4- and lastly, a Lotte Duty Free Shop 10,000 yen Voucher

The fanmeeting was organized by Lotte Duty Free Shop, who Big Bang have endorsed for both Korea and Japan! For the JVIPs that wish to attend this fanmeeting, Japan has advertised this fanmeeting a lot and they have provided information on trip fees, the guidelines, tour info, etc. at tellmeclub.com. So if you’re a JVIP looking to attend this meeting visit that site!

You lucky kvips & jvips! I wish I could SHAKE hands with Big Bang, and share funny stories and even play GAMES?!! WAHH SOOO ENVIOUS!! :PP

Is this fanmeeting some kind of warm up for Big Bang’s anticipated comeback in August? Well I really REALLY hope it is! It’s so out of nowhere, so I hope there is some reason behind this, and that it has to do with their comeback!!

Have fun, those who are attending and take lots of pictures! ^^

출처- ineedagirl @ beztiz | alee @ ibigbang