Even prior to their debut, the ladies of SNSD have been plagued with speculations regarding plastic surgery – and regardless whether they’re true or not, the rumors have become a hot topic yet again due to recently released photos of the girls at a promotional event.

As you may recall, the SNSD girls had a break period after their hectic promotions for Oh! and Run Devil Run, and got back together this month in order to prepare for their upcoming Japan debut in September. New photos, particularly those of Tiffany and Taeyeon, have fans doing double takes due to slight alterations in the girls’ physical appearances, leading some to believe that these members underwent rhinoplasty (nose surgery) during their vacation time.

Despite her past denials, it’s been recently pointed out that Taeyeon’s nose seems to be slightly upturned and skinnier with a raised bridge:

Rumors about Tiffany’s nose have existed since the singer’s pre-debut days as well:

As you may imagine, lots of denial and doubt have been cast on this speculation, especially because many rumors have run rampant – one Chinese tabloid even claims that all nine members underwent surgery en masse. Some fans argued that the alleged differences were due to camera angles, and a few people brought up the fact that Tiffany recently got her wisdom teeth pulled which would result in puffier cheeks. Others stated that post-surgery swelling should be obvious for a long period of time. A large portion of fans deny seeing any differences in the pictures at all.

On the other end, many individuals, including SONEs, are giving the rumors some consideration. Various sources indicate that post-surgery swelling varies from person to person; in some cases, effects can be minor and disappear after just a few weeks. In response to the dental surgery explanation for Tiffany, many point out that it’s her nose and not her cheeks that look peculiarly different

I’m a big fan, but Tiffany’s nose honestly looks pointier and straighter,” one SONE admitted on a fan board. “Don’t be close-minded, because she might’ve really undergone surgery during her vacation.” Another fan touched on the fact that plastic surgery has become an accepted norm in Korean entertainment, adding, “Why is everyone getting so defensive? We’re supposed to love SNSD for their talent not their looks.

Since the topic of SNSD & plastic surgery has been one of hot debate for years now and we have readers on both sides of the fence, I’ll leave my personal thoughts out of this one. What do you guys think: do the rumors have some ground or is this a load of netizen-generated bullocks?

credit : allkpop