Last week on We Got Married, Jo Kwon surprised his virtual wife Ga-In with a song that he wrote (with a little help) for her. Titled The Day of Confessing My Love, this catchy song quickly caught much attention and many fans demanded for a completed version. Well, lucky for you fans, this song will be released as soon as tomorrow!

Jo Kwon tweeted on the 30th, “Kwon’s Very First Single, “The Day of Confessing My Love” will be released on 1st, July,” which was followed by another tweet, “It’s called The Day of Confessing My Love^^ It was used in the Moving Song ㅠㅠ ㅋㅋㅋPlease show the song love~~! Right now, I’m off to Seattle!!”

I’m sure fans are in anticipation as July is just around the corner! I know I am!

Credit : allkpop