after the delay and the allocation of running a dizzying impression at the beginning of this drama, drama production ‘Bad Guy’ is now facing a critical situation because they could be lost leading actor Kim Nam Gil.

Kim Nam Gil received a warrant to enter the military on July 15, where the schedule is still in the process of making drama. he had requested the postponement in the military, but this would be serious if his request was not granted to the military. Such postponement would be difficult because he already did delays in March kmrn

His best move they’ll probably be doing all the scenes in the drama of Kim’s first lead role rather than another, but it was like the only successful if the Bad Guy is a movie not a drama that aired every week, of a total of 20 episodes, just finished 10 episodes, and until July 15, where Kim will be gone, a new course to be completed until epsiode 11.

one official source said Kim Nam Gil possible characters will die in mid-story and will appear again diepisode 17, spoiler, this drama for sure, they said that although the main character Kim did not exist, does not mean the drama will be a weak rating.

credit : koreanindo
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