100 000 copies in its first week, the industry predict expatriate success would exceed the record of his predecessor Bonamana Sorry, Sorry last year sold 250 000 copies at the end of the year and their popularity seems even more brilliant in its fifth year after the group was formed in 2005 ago.

The old gentlemen had 13, and now arrives – should appear to arrive 10.

Sungmin ~ ~ “We are distressed at having to substitute their place, but from there we learned the importance of every member in this group.”

~ ~ Leeteuk Kibum apologize, because I had to take his place on this album ..

Regarding the criticism that was stuck on Bonamana = Sorry, Sorry, both in terms of positive ditangapi Heechul and Leeetuk own. “…. better than nothing “~ Better than nothing ~ that means our songs heard by the crowd.

Heechul also pleased with the criticism “resemblance” is, Tiu is a sign that the SJ has found the color of his music. Although in the beginning they were less fond of synthetic computer voice in the song, but after recording and practicing koreo, they feel Bonamana is the right song.

The members remain committed, they will stay together no matter where fate brings them out in the future.

“Talk about a problem through to completion, poor communication would cause a problem ..”

According to Heechul, it’s one of the key “ties” are strong in their group should be to maintain the friendship of more than 10 years. Their communications increasingly intense since three members’ decision to go with each – each.

However, on the other hand induistri see them will get a new challenge to survive amid strikes the young musicians began to rise. Lost three personnel at once, and with additional conditions next year where most of them will be faced with a military problem or even a marriage bond.

So, What Happens Next?

Fans waiting for this answer? Heechul answers and hopefully can get a little relief to all the fans out there.

“We have the same goals, until the age of 30-40 years, after marriage or in the draft later, we were still dancing and singing as Superjunior ..”

This version of the full,
T. What makes you such a strong group during the last five years?

A. Heechul: We really talk a lot. If there is a problem, we talk until they are completed. Lack of communication is always cause problems.

It must be difficult for you to create a new album without the three other band members.

Sungmin: We feel pressure to take their place, but also has given us an opportunity to think about how important each member of this band.

What are three other members think about the new song “Bonamana”?

Leeteuk: Kang-in said the change was amazing dance group and Kibum said he was sorry that I have to fill the space he left.

Choreography for this song is quite impressive.

Eunhyuk: dance moves created by American choreographer Nick Bass, inspired by the figure skating and short track skating.

Many people say the title track to the album today are very similar to the previous group’s hit song “Sorry, sorry.”

Leeteuk: Maybe it’s because this new song is characteristic of what we do and that’s what makes people think that the Sorry-sorry and new songs are similar.

I think that such criticism is better than none at all because it demonstrates that Bonamana has made an impression on the public.

Heechul: For me, criticism is flattering as it is a sign that we have found our voice characteristics. In fact, Leeteuk and I do not like [Bonamana] as the title track because we do not think we represented the electronic voice.

But after recording and practicing dance moves, I’ve changed my mind. I think the appropriate song.

Shindong declared [to his girlfriend] numeric code in the liner notes and his action has since become the talk of the town. What happened with that?

Shindong: I thought about decoding for the community after the album was released but the fans I’ve translated it.

I have not heard from my boyfriend because I came the question, but if she says yes, I want to get married as soon as possible.

Do you think you will still appear as a Super even if some of you married?

Heechul: It is our goal to keep singing and dancing as a Super Junior when we were 30 and 40, even after marriage and our military services.

Do you have a secret to maintain fitness?

Yesung: Siwon always inspire us. Now we’re in such a competition to build muscle.

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