Park Yong-ha is 30 am binso Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital, Banpo-dong, Seocho Designed for the Funeral of bakhuisun actors are entering the binso.

It seems every year, there must be great Korean actor and actress who was found dead of suicide. This morning came the shocking news of actor Park Yong Ha found dead hanging himself at his home on June 30. Park Yong Ha died at the age of 32 years, acting debut 15 years ago at the 1995 KBS Love Blossoms and ‘Start’ in 1996.

He really famous since his role in the drama Winter Sonata in 2002 that made him known as one of ‘Hallyu star’ in Korea. He then increasingly popular in Japan, and has a lot of drama hits like ‘On Water’ in 2008, and ‘Story Of A Man’ in year 2009. just two days ago he preached a new drama will play along with actress Yoon Eun Hye.
He was not present on June 29 yesterday to meet with the latest drama producer, even his manager could not contact him. they’ve seen the Park looks very sad baru2 this, he reportedly hanged himself, and at midnight he uttered his apology to the current father is suffering from stomach cancer. on the news he mengatakn Newsen last message ‘I am tired, I want to die alone’
This really shocking news, analysis can be seen from actress Park Jin Hee, was vulnerable to suicide.

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