On July 1st, 1983 … an Angel was born on a rainy day …

Now … .27 years later … We celebrated his 28th birthday … … …

It rained again on your birthday …
Yesterday it rained the whole day in Vietnam …. Just like he said 26 years ago he Came to this world on a rainy day … ..

May all your birthday wishes … my Angel Came True …

천사님 생일 축하 드려요 … …
태어나 줘서 정말 고맙다!

Who am I?
I’m just an ordinary girl who loves an extraordinary person

Who am I?
I’m just a fan of the millions of fans

Who am I?
I’m just a stupid girl who can only view from afar without being able to reach out

Who am I?
I’m someone who can only wait for a miracle

I love Park Jeong Soo
An extraordinary,
I can only look at him without being able to touch it
I was just a stupid girl
yah … so stupid to love someone who can not reach
yah … so stupid that like someone who does not even know would be my existence
yah … so stupid could love someone so far above me

Leader Leeteuk SuperJunior
Park Jeong Soo
Whoever you are, I still love you
and ..
You’re the one who made me so stupid

Whoever you are,
You have plugged in love is so strong in my heart
and …
This is me, always waiting
Hope …
Dream …
Glimmer of hope to be able to stand before you and say ‘Here I am’
Dreams can stand before you and say ‘I’m there for you, and love as is’

Just pray that I can give, for someone who does not know about myself
Only love can give even if I only rely on false hope

Happy birthday
Park Jeong Soo

Smile …
Because your smile is our passion

Blessed …
Because happiness is a dream for us
Laugh …
Because laughter is the pride of our
High Fly …
Leeteuk was not an angel without wings
We ELF will be flying high with your wings and reach all the dreams and hope
Fly …
Because we’re there for you

. . . . .  Happy birthday my JungSoo. . . . .

by. Kelteuk ‘Sangteuk’

Credit : starjunior
Video : dkp
Translater : mayachildish@otokee.wp.com