Good news for the Jumping BoA nih
Asia star BoA after five years on leave in S. Korea, has announced the release of a new studio album.

On July 1, his agent SM Entertainment said, “He will be releasing a new album in early August.” This will be BoA’s comeback after a very long vacation in S. Korean.

Officers were followed, “Boa will release a new studio album, this is the right to release the album because not long ago and also to meet his fans.”

BoA has become one of the Contry’s Top Singer or commonly called a top singer, with the hit single “Girls on Top” in 2005, after five years he has been active in Japan and the United States and has met with fans outside the country and internationally.

He is known for his extraordinary skills, ability to sing and dance also topped with his fashion sense.

Fans anticipating the new album after five years in the music industry Kpop vacuum. He will have a 10th anniversary in the industrialized world in August to be precise on 25th.

I can not wait waiting for her new album. Moreover, the vacuum that much ever,, Hwaiting,,

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Credit: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews