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Overall, what do you do your job well?

I always pray for everyone from THE SIWONEST loving family and happiness.

Ah who am I? Sorry, I Choi Siwon ^ – ^ ㅎ ㅎ
With all the love and concern for everyone, Oh My lady has ended with a safe … and activities Miinah’s … thank you ^ 0 ^

This week Friday we will sing again “No Other” in front of everyone, and (therefore) I’m so glad ㅎ

Thanks SIWONEST family, because everyone always gives me strength, courage and hope ^ – ^

In the future I will continue to pray (for you all), full of love and happiness!

I love you all and peace and blessing .*

credits : THE SIWONEST fancafe
thanks ☆★pinkninja for the korean entry
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