CN Blue’s Lee JungShin recently revealed that she liked members of SNSD..

Who is he like????

The answer is Yoona …

At MBC ‘We Got Married’, which aired on July 3, Lee visited the house the couple YongHwa JungShin-Seohyun. And he spent time with them and another member of SNSD.

When asked on the show “If any member of SNSD who you like, you choose whom?”

He said, “I have said on a radio show that I like is Yoona, but each member of SNSD has its own charm.”

Also the same when asked how he felt when Jung YongHwa SNSD met directly, JungShin give a brief answer, “Good”

Meanwhile, in the event of the day, Jung YongHwa again in disgrace because of Lee JungShin higher than himself.

Credit : AFC
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