if you’ve seen her Taeyang MV that ‘I Need A Girl’?
I honestly have not watched it .. MV
Rich you will not be able to see the MV ‘I Need A Girl’ on Youtube. Why? Appropriate title above now Taeyang Plagiat.Beberapa tangled case of viewers who saw the MV ‘I Need A Girl’ recently saw some similarities between the music and videos with other artists, which raised some questions regarding to the original of the song ‘I Need A Girl. ”

Viewers watching later post on a popular Korean site, and make sure to provide screenshots to explain what they mean. The same scene a few scenes, especially when Taeyang singing lyrics (“Baby I need you / Girl, you need me too ‘) is not that there is writing on the left side of his face. This is then compared with a scene in the MV for Pharrell’s’ nerd, where he also did a scene like that.

Some speculate this may be the reason behind why YG Entertainment deleting all copies of the MV ‘I Need A Girl’ on Youtube lately, while others claim that the plagiarism accusations are nonsense. Those who support the Taeyang, said that if YGE do something like that because they have disappointed fans think like that.

Indeed, until now none of that proved true, if you want you can find similarities between these MV ajah please! And decide for yourself, whether it was plagiarism or not!

Mian,, The video does not exist, because YG’ve deleted!