Super Junior’s MV was hacked? Yes, we received news this early morning that the comments under the video could not be viewed all of a sudden.

The hackers was believed to be aishiteru197 and weaboochan and they wrote ‘they are all transvestites and crossdressers’. After those comments, other comments were not able to be viewed.

Well, although it was being hacked for a few hours, the problem was quickly fixed and the comments could be seen now. It was also known that these hackers go around to hack videos so please be careful and make sure, they don’t input any virus into your computer.

Here are some comments the Netizen …

  • There are some who say, if this work anti-fans, they want menghack sment account on youtube
  • After I liat2 in patterns aishiteru, he was trying to relate to who menghack video2 Kpop
  • This anti Shindong fans job, some time ago, if you click on the show comment, will appear the word ‘remove the fat guy from super junior’, discriminatory and uneducated so he …
Credits: SJ-world, dailykpopnews,sment account @youtube