Heechul :

눈이 짝짝이처럼 나왔네 포토바이 설리가 진리

Oh, it’s like wearing two different colored eyes   Truth Photo By Sully

뱅신이는 애교가 많다

Baengsinyineun a lot of smiles

우주 최고의 초코렛 컬러 우왕굳 미인 무대에선 카카오 99.9% 매력을 발산하고 예능에선 밀크초코렛처럼 하얗고 깨끗한 모습을 보여주는 유리 지금 멘트 써놓고 애한테 컴펌받는중..

Whose the most beautiful brown color? Yuri showed 99.9% brown color on the stage, and he will show a clean face like milk chocolate in the variety show ‘

Yesung :

오늘은’ 너같은사람또없어’첫방한날^^ 그리구 은혁이랑예성이랑 기분좋았던날 ~~ ㅋㅋ

Today is ‘Are you with someone who you love to’ take care of yourself on a cold day ^ ^ Eunhyuk and Yesung will become a charismatic figure and cheerful ~ ~ ㅋ ㅋ


우리은혁이 옷잘입는다고 소문났어요 오늘은 레깅스입엇어용~~^^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Uri Eunhyuk with good clothes and like a newborn child, today wearing striped leggings ~ ~ ^ ^ ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ