what’s up with you Ryeowook?
3 hours ago, he updated his status on twitter.
hemm, you better look at themselves and can take a decision ..

참자! 조금만 참으면 된다. 화가 나고 분해도 참자! 조용한 놈이 바보가 되지 않는다는 걸 보여주자! 뒤에서 말 못하는 바보가 진짜 바보라 여기는 더러운 세상이지만 내가 바꿔놓을거야 현명하게 행동하자! 아자! 울지 말자! .

Never mind! Is only temporary. Exploded angry take it easy! He does not fool me show you a quiet runner! Babora dumb idiot behind this dirty world, but I really would have changed Let’s evasive action! Yes! Do not cry! .

I think he is like want to cry ..
But ..
Ryeowook oppa, hwaiting! you must get past his problems .. although I do not know what the truth:)
but keep the spirit!

credit : Ryeowook’s twitter

translater : mayachildish@otokee.wordpress.com