Want to say congratulations for Super Junior,, Why? Yups, they became “the most famous Korean Artists in Arabia.” Although the Arab tight with peraturan2 about religion, but apparently the virus can be stopped engga Korea. And the proof is a list of the most famous Korean bands in Arabic,, haio see!

1. Super Junior
2. SS501
4. SHINee
5. 2PM
6. Big Bang
7. UKiss
8. C.N Blue
9. Beast
10. 2AM
12. ZE: A

Cool well, although ZE: A new band turns out they also enter this list, hold,, Super Junior could even beat TVXQ. They bener2 emang cool, Eitzz, there are also tablets SS501,, heheheh!

Source: KBS World arabic section
reported by ting18 ♥ @ dailykpopnews