Having just sent off a good friend, Park Yong Ha last week, actress Kim Hyun Joo has had to encounter grief once again after her father passed away due to illness.

According to sources, Kim Hyun Joo’s father passed away on July 7th due to illness. This was the third time that Kim Hyun Joo had lost a loved one in the space of a week and she is now in deep sorrow.

Just last week, Kim Hyun Joo had to battle the loss of Park Yong Ha and she was seen at the funeral from start to finish, just like So Ji Sub, grieving for her friend.

Thereafter, she then had to experience the loss of a production company manager who had given her a big break in the drama, Land in 2004. The manager had committed suicide after a recent production encountered cashflow problems.

A close associate revealed that Kim Hyun Joo’s father had been battling a long-term illness for some time and she had been prepared for any eventualities. But the close proximity of the deaths have dealt a great blow to her and made her very sad.

Her father’s funeral procession will take place on the 9th.

We wish her and her family well.

C : Allkpop