Popular Korean band CNBLUE revealed on Mnet cable show M Rookies that not one of the band members carries around a cell phone. They revealed, “Since we don’t have cell phones, we’ve never went on a late night out before.

This is something 99.9% of people nowadays would not be able to handle as most people consider their cell phones as part of them as an arm. The fact none of them carry around cell phones also carries a trace of irony due to the fact that leader Jung Yonghwa recently endorsed the Sony Ericcson phone Xperia X10.

The co-host of the show Son Ho Young empathized with the boys as he had once been a member of an old boy group g.o.d. Having been in a similar situation as the group he shared his experience saying, I know about about the lifestyle because I’ve also lived in a dorm before. The question that newly debuted artists are often asked is about their dorm life.”

The group were also asked to identify “which member is complete opposite when compare to their celebrity life and their ordinary life” and “the member who doesn’t come to the dorms often.” The group seemed to be at a consensus as the majority of the group pointed to the maknae Jungshin. Some Korean groups have members that are young enough to still be living at home with parents, Big Bang’s Daesung for example was still in school just before the groups debut.

Watch the video below for CN BLUE’s M Rookies performance of Love Light and Love.