In the episode of Strong Heart broadcasted on the 6th of July, Donghae acted out the morning of Prince Siwon, who is a very devoted Christian.

Donghae says “Firstly, Siwon used grace song as an alarm, and normally when people wake up, they took off their clothes this way, but Siwon used the way/pose that sexy actors used in movie to remove his clothes”. Donghae continued “Actually, you can just throw the clothes into the laundry basket just like that, but for Siwon, he has to use the style of basketball to shoot it in”, he then spoke on the difference of Siwon’s expression when he ‘lost’ or ‘won’, causing great laughter to everyone present.

Leeteuk says “During dance practice, the choreographer says that he (Siwon) did not memorise the dance steps properly, and Siwon uses his fist to punch the wall, just like a scene from a movie” This revelation attracted the attention of everyone.

SOURCE: Newsen
Credit: 海世代
Chinese translation: 朴海希=海朵
English translation: minoko2440 @
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