* Baekjae Junior College of Arts / Paekche Institute of arts …

In the opinion of some students, Baekjae junior colleges, is a school with the art department as a major primary. The rumors say, this is a gathering place of “terrible” professors, most professors do not even have a degree Ph.DsA. It was common knowledge when you see a lot of Korean celebrities college in this place. Most of them go just for the title (because they are solid kesibukkan, they may not regularly attend school five days – part of the week) and leetuk including one of them. Is it the sign Leetuk bad? Sometimes engga success requires sacrifice a little, and Leetuk prove it, that intelligence is a person does not have a good school!


* Sangji University

You’re definitely going ga thought, if Heechul looks can only say the word “hey thank you man yoo .. my baby brother! when speaking English (SuJu fullhouse) seems to take a major majors “Home Interpreting”! (Lah oppa,, engga this wrong?)
Sangji University is located in Kangwon-Do (the area where Hecchul grew up). Actually ga want other schools talking about ugliness. But, there are suggestions from students “Most students there are only Interested in hanging out and slacking off, not getting As.” So they’ve ever felt sitting on the bench Sangji University. But it hecchul not include the type of person who likes rah – rah right? he’s the type of hard worker who continues to work, work, and WORK! (I Love dah Heenim, but why Heechul english so,, hahah,, pura2 engga be times well,,)


* Beijing’s Central University Ethnical

English pronunciation like that, whether one or Bener, Hankyung In Google School is registered with the name of Minzu University. This is where Hankyung studied 50 types of traditional dances from China, because it is a major ethnic arts majors in this place. For the University majoring in traditional arts majors, including fine (4 of 5 stars). University level is arguably at a safe level … middle level! although not as famous as Beijing University. But for matters of art majors, this university can be an option. Reportedly, the art department there are only 2000 people who graduate each year. And Hankyung is one of them. Cool right?


* Chungwoon Industrial University

University of star-studded! University of the nickname given to this one. How baseball, most Korean celebrities, choose to continue in this Chungwoon university. SNSD is one among many. However, not necessarily be star-studded quality assurance. Values do not require SAT / tests are high for this college entrance exam passes. The distance from Seoul-one only takes seven hours, because of its location in the suburbs.


* Kyunghee Cyber College

Kyunghee Cyber College, is a sub unit of Kyunghee University (his college). As the name implies, cyber, there are two systems of teaching in these schools, either Online or Offline. Cheap and easy! that’s the impression that the bias is captured through the school brochure. Do not know what the reason Kangin into this college, which is obvious …. He was not poor! hehehehehe. Maybe that is the reason one – only, to avoid stress, Project Tasks and a troublesome exam! hahahaha … Kangin itself can nicknamed “the best live performers” and which has the highest income among all personnel SuJu (Kangin, Eunhyuk, Leetuk, and Shindong SuJu is the fourth highest paid personnel). With the ability Kangin … he does not need good at calculus and the history of Korea as long as he can still sing!


* Seoul National University of Arts

Seoul National University of Arts? And more familiar with SNUA Wow! including high-ranked University of Korea! (Such as the University of Indonesia times huh?) And in fact, many famous celebrities gain knowledge in one of the most prestigious art universities in South Korea. It exists at the campus art gallery, and a lot of the work of students – students are showcased in a mini studio. Standardization of its value pretty high, so .. pretty hard to get into college this one, unless we turn – “talented” …. And Sungmin …. Our boy martial art? He did it guys!


* Paichai University

Apparently one of the personnel SuperJunior successfully entered the University of category “Top ‘in Korea, Paichai University. Paichai Univeristy is one of the University of “museums” in Korea (ie the oldest) which dididirikan by American missionary named Henry Appenzeller. The first president of Korea, Lee Sungman, “Poet” fame Sowol Kim, and Korean language renowned scholar, Joo Sikyung is a row of names who had studied at the university Paichai (kerennn crazy … a former university president). Difficulty – a trivial depends also from what direction diambil.Ada the easy entry, there are also difficult. But, whatever the discipline, this proves, if Eunhyuk personnel including one who was smart!


* Myungji University

Myungji University? many of which the first-level university that is located in the middle – the middle (middle) when assessed with the alphabet, scores ranged from BC. Not including the top universities, but also not the University of beans! tetep brain needs a sufficient qualification to be able to penetrate the university entrance test. Donghae means not only good at dancing but the ability eksatanya included above – average yah! salute!


* Inha University

Regional Inha University in Incheon. There is a Ryewook Siwon and listed in the list of absent students! but their classmates ga! and not gonna be classmates! hehehehe …. University of Inha, including TOP Korean universities (ranked 4th) and expensive! Campus area, there are dorm even for majors kedoketeran hospital. Department of Mechanical top it is! Mechanical, mechanical ya! quite difficult to get this one department. If not mistaken, Siwon majored in physics / science-smelling essence if ga is wrong!

While Ryewook, less knew what he was majoring in? see seemed to relate to the art of musicality Ryewook ajah is the highest. It was a success and the income they have achieved to date, the exam results and graduation is not important anymore! as long as they can continue their work in the world today tekuni 10 to 20 years ahead.


He is one – the only personnel who tasted SuperJunior school abroad! Uncle Sam’s country precisely. But I do not know whether there Kibum could go to college or not? that certainly …. His IQ is 138! Gilaa! very high (IQ score of more than 130 – including the smart and go for the genius category – average standard IQ score was only around in the 120s!) this is evident on Sunday when a happy event took place! so Kibum including one of the few Korean celebrities IQ was super! wowwww ….


* Kyunghee University

The top Magnae was apparently trying to go to school at Kyunghee Univeristy! hehehehe … this Univeristy Kyunghee was included in the list of 500 best universities in the world! The University is famous for its major departments of medicine and Asian medicine. And this department at most S2 provides scholarships to students who are interested. University KyungHee quite popular among Indonesian students. While Kyuhyun himself took Major Music and Arts. Quite a lot of foreign students studying in this place. Even so, it seems that the standard is still under the Kyunghee univerisitas in the country, ranking remained under Gajah Mada university!

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