Infinite Right just debuted at 1 month. Rookie’s debut song for a rookie, they ‘come back’ has been a big love. Gitaripeu stylish choreography and the theft of a size-fits-Idol music fans tired of the music was enough to fascinate.

In an interview with the latest news ¥ Infinite “comes out on the street, we are surprised by the song. Now I realize debut,” he said. “In the first stage, there was a mistake pants popping. Eokulhaeseo had a lot of yourself. There were lots of trial and error really shake things up now and enjoy the tension go.”

Dong-woo said the clot have rehearsals every body ‘doll Dongwoo nickname was also getting.

Finally, the first debut of waiting. Life is given to the first and last impression of his debut What about that? “Instead of tears shed ttamman. Realize that I’m not angry. Get off the stage monitor, I noticed the only realistic. Rehearsal with the stage in the practice and dalratgeodeunyo imagined. Regret the inconvenience but it’s a namdeo 0.100% was prepared even to 60 not only did%. So now I try to go 100% and we’re running to fill. ”

The seven men had a first meeting with the audition. Looks cool, mainly of seonggyu leaders of the El youthful eyes starboard, blunt feel Hoya, a good seongyeol, cute youngest Jong, a distinct world of his own seven members, including one person Dongwoo ‘kalmatchum’ group known as the best team in the Defence boasts.

“At 4 o’clock this morning at 8 o’clock gisanghae vocals, choreography, I’m practicing. Defence of the wrist kkeokyimyeon’re not allowed to cull. A feeling of self-killing as one tried to assimilate. Get hurt and did not get sick . a great feeling empty, I noticed people. seongyeolyineun music video shoot and hurt my ankle a week ago trying to forget the feeling I’m still practicing. debut one month a half before the 2-3 hours on weekdays, Sundays, 5 hours Practice was sleeping. ”

They belong to the Echo High Entertainment has established itself as the senior singers. Infinite the “Miss curly brother gave enough to fill a lot of experience,” said, “and listening to music, check laws, laws to see the camera, showmanship, and told to teach. Raephal give advice when you have a lot of sound, rhythm and detail through every nerve to keep gave a written, “he told us. “‘Come on stage, enjoying the’ high-telling.”

7 and 7 colors and boasting a colorful attraction is Infinite, “yet we are white,” he says. While nothing but some colors remind us of the sense of a situation or to accept. Infinite soon song ‘come back’ in her title song to the fans after plans to tell him a different look.

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