Here’s a translated account of what happened in Noh Hong Chul’s Chin Chin. It was a fun episode so be sure not to miss out! :)

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Hong Chul: What did you do today?
Yong Hwa: We had a fansign event.
Hong Chul: What question do fans ask you most?
Min Hyuk: ‘Do you remember me?’ 80% of question is this.

Hong Chul: What was your dream when you’re a kid?
Jong Hyun: I was athlete of Taekwondo and Judo. But I thought I couldn’t be a big person with it, so I changed my dream.
Hong Chul: Wow what level? what belt?
Jong Hyun: Uh?? Black belt for both of course.
Hong Chul: Wow you’re high-rank holder. Then you can win hyung if you make up your mind.
Min Hyuk: I wanted to be a baseball player since kindergarten. Pro baseball was so popular at that time.
Then I became to have dream of music, but my parents didn’t allow it, so I just studied.
One day I told them strongly and finally they allowed me.
Yong Hwa: Since when I was elementary school student, I used to mimic foreign singers’ singing. I sang N Sync a lot.
Hong Chul: Wow elementary school student sing N Sync?

Hong Chul: You have concert soon.
Jung Shin: Yes, it’s so appreciating, the ticket was sold out in one minute.
Yong Hwa: We really appreciate it. It means so many people are expecting it, we must not make a tiny mistake.
Hong Chul: Jong Hyun, are you going to show your martial arts?
Jong Hyun: I will do music only on the stage. There was my action scene at the music video.
Min Hyuk: At the filming location, Jong Hyun said he’d never had such a happy moment like that before. He filmed it so joyfully.
Jong Hyun: Stunt men told me that I should change my job.
Hong Chul: Haven’t you ever been afraid of this hyung who is good at martial arts?
Jung Shin: Never. He is so nice to me.
Yong Hwa: Is Jong Hyun that nice to you?
Jung Shin: (flustered) Yes, both of you are nice to me. Especially Yong Hwa hyung is nice to me.

Hong Chul: Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun, You two were famous Uljjang(handsome face) in Busan, weren’t you?
Jong Hyun: Well, teachers liked me a little. It was Yong Hwa who was famous Uljjang.
Yong Hwa: Just as much as my picture went around the internet, famous Uljjang sites.
Jong Hyun: I was so countrified. After debut, I was decorated, I became better looking.
Jung Shin: That’s right. Jong Hyun hyung is handsome now.
Yong Hwa: Someone said “The face of CNBLUE is Lee Jung Shin”, then Jong Hyun shouted with angry “Why Jung Shin?”
So that person asked, “Then are you saying the face of CNBLUE is you, Jong Hyun?” then Jong Hyun didn’t answer.
Jung Shin: Stylist noona just made joke, but Jong Hyun made so uncomfortable face and got angry.
Jong Hyun: I got angry because it was Jung Shin. Frankly speaking, if you see him once, it cannot be him. We have other handsome guys.
(Jong Hyun’s voice was so serious and calm, others laughed so hard, even coughed)
Hong Chul: How much famous were you when you’re young? Were girls waiting for you at the school gate?
Jong Hyun: No, never had waiting girls. But girls who were passing by said hi to me.
Hong Chul: I know CNBLUE is modest, but I want to know the truth.
Jong Hyun: When I was playing game at electronic game room, I heard people were whispering that I am good looking.
Hong Chul: Game room? What game did you like to play?
Jong Hyun: I was crazy about Tekken. I liked Law & Jin (Jong Hyun’s voice became vitalized)
Hong Chul: You really love martial arts! Law is Bruce Lee in yellow clothes, right? That’s my favorite character.
You handsome guy played game well. Wasn’t there any girl who put coins in your machine? ‘Oppa let me be your sponsor’.
Jong Hyun: (laughing hard) No there wasn’t. But if there were, it must be so funny.
Hong Chul: Yong Hwa, weren’t there girls who were waiting for you at school gate?
Yong Hwa: No, there weren’t. Juniors who endtered my highschool came to see ‘Jung Yong Hwa’, but after they see the real me, they were disappointed.
Hong Chul: Wasn’t there any girl who gave you bread or milk?
Yong Hwa: No, there wasn’t.
Hong Chul: Jung Shin, have you ever felt happy because of your look?
Jung Shin: Because of my look? No. I am very shy of strangers. But after being familiar, I ladle out all.
Hong Chul: ladle out to me. Please ladle out three juicy secrets of CNBLUE. Who is most popular?
All: Of course Yong Hwa hyung.
Yong Hwa: I am the vocalist, so I have highest awareness. But nowadays, Jung Shin’s popularity is so great.
When we introduce ourselves one by one on the stage, Jung Shin receives the biggest shout.
During the concert, he waves to fans quickly minding me.
Hong Chul: Jung Shin, you like photo taking, don’t you?
Jung Shin: My uncle is a photographer, since I was a kid I played with camera like a toy.
I said I liked phototaking, so fans give me photo books a lot.
I read them at my bed. I fall for it when I read it. It’s so interesting.

Diary of four men

Yong Hwa: There were full of senior singers at the audience seat.
It was dry rehearsal, I’ve got the wrong pitch.
I saw that person held tummy with laughter. After that, I avoid that person.

Jung Shin: The day my heart beat uncontrollably.
Coex, cold weather, tall buildings, many people, glaring lights.
I started playing but my hands trembled crazily.

Jong Hyun: Should I give it up? The day I was frustrated.
At the match, 20 seconds remaining. It gives me joy if I win within that 20 seconds.
One day, after 6 monthes of hard training, I lost the game in just 3 seconds.
I wanted to give up all.

Min Hyuk: The dream I never wanted to wake up, January 14 2010.
The showcase with the name of CNBLUE.
Behind the curtain watching ourselves shown on the screen, all kinds of emotions flew out.

Hong Chul: Yong Hwa, you made mistake at the music show?
Yong Hwa: It was a special stage. Actually I’ve never had such mistake before. I’ve got the wrong pitch perfectly.
I saw the limit of my voice range.
Jong Hyun: The person sitting just behind me, clapped and fell off. (who?)
Hong Chul: How did you cure that scar?
Yong Hwa: After that, if I met persons on the corridor, I couldn’t raise my head.

Hong Chul: Jung Shin, you had a big street concert at COEX.
Jung Shin: We had many small street concerts in Japan, but in Korea, with good amps and colorful lights, it was a big thing. First, I was happy. People came a lot more than we expected, a thousand.

Hong Chul: CNBLUE only, then a thousand?
Jung Shin: Crowded COEX square, I looked at the sky, it was dark blue. Tall buildings were around us. Lights were really great.
Yong Hwa: I felt like I was in the middle of famous foreign music video.
Jung Shin: It’s really unforgettable moment.

Hong Chul: Jong Hyun, wow you had a hard match.
Jong Hyun: The Judo match is 3 minutes. 20 seconds remaining, it’s the hardest momemt. I feel I want to give up everything. I prepared 6 months for that game. But at the first match, just like a got-up match. I lost to an ippon.
Yong Hwa: You said Hi then Bye.
Hong Chul: Did that opponent have high ranking?
Jong Hyun: Ranked No 1 of whole country. But I was at my best time, I thought it’s enough to fight against him. That was my last game. I realized it’s not my way.
Hong Chul: Others talked about music, only you talked about martial arts.
Jong Hyun: I still like martial arts.
Yong Hwa: When we have time to watch TV together, we want amusement shows, Jong Hyun wants UFC, K1 or Muay Thai. Shouting, “That guy is cool, killing me.” (with Busan dialect)
Jong Hyun: Yesterday, Jung Shin was on TV, but I saw ‘Human weapon, Muay Thai’. I couldn’t miss it.
Jung Shin: Watching them kicking banana tree, he says, “His kick is so cool!”
Min Hyuk: So we gave up, came into our bedroom. we heard someone’s moving. He was practicing the action watching TV.
Yong Hwa: When we were trainees, he tried to teach anyone low kick, and let him follow his action.
Jung Shin: But to learn from him, you must be beaten by him first.
Hong Chul: You are still dreaming of revenge to the No.1 of whole country. It’s rare that handsome guy likes martial arts.
Jong Hyun: I respect Emelianenko Fedor. He lost a game lately. I almost bursted into tears.
Hong Chul: While Yong Hwa talks about N Sync, Jong Hyun talks about Fedor.

Hong Chul: Min Hyuk, your diary is about your showcase.
Min Hyuk: Before the performance, we were behind the curtain. The video about us and teaser MV was shown on the curtain. We were watching ourselves, I thought all those hard trainee days were just for this moment.

Hong Chul: Who was most handsome at teaser MV?
Min Hyuk: Definitely it’s Yong Hwa who looks best on the screen.
Jong Hyun: My face was not shown. Because I was doing a roundhouse kick.
Yong Hwa: Jong Hyun’s teaser was coolest.

Hong Chul: Already the time is out. How was it today?
Jung Shin: It was the best show ever among all the shows we did.
Yong Hwa: Don’t say that and you cannot appear radio show any more.
Jong Hyun: Aigoo Jung Shin!
Yong Hwa: We were happy taking Hong Chul hyung’s energy.

Min Hyuk: One hour was like one second to me.
Hong Chul: If you do July.31 concert, your fans must feel two hours as 0.2 second. At last, what song do you want to hear?
Jong Hyun: I’d like to hear Tatoo which Yong Hwa hyung made. We cannot hear it at radio.
Hong Chul: OK let’s say goodbye listening to Tatoo.

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