★ The chereography for the album is by Michael Jackson’s dance teacher, and the dance team is also MJ’s exclusive dance team. Hangeng is also the first artist that the dance team and dance teacher worked with, besides MJ.

★ For the filming of the MV, they went to US, Korea and New Zealand etc, they even used helicopter to film and the beautiful scenery will give people the visual impact of a big movie. Hangeng’s appearance in the MV is without any form of make up, and this is a sign of himself starting anew.

★ Hangeng also invited many chinese famous producers to produce the songs from the album. There are dance songs, slow ballads, R&B, Jazz and traditional music in this albums, creating a huge variety of musical enjoyment for fans.

1. My Logo
2.因为梦 (Because of dream)
3.心疼.笔记本 (Heartache. Notebook)
4给陌生人的情书 (The Love Letter to a Stranger)
5.撑伞 (Holding onto the Umbrella)
6.简单的人 (A Simple Person)
7.爱的翅膀 (Wings of Love)
8.Say No
9.女皇 (Queen)
10.飞蛾扑火 (Moths to Flames)

DVD List:
1.飞蛾扑火 (Moths to Flames)
2. Say No
3. 撑伞 (Holding onto the Umbrella)

The album has two version
Special Version: 1 CD + 1 DVD, with Hangeng’s signed 熊猫小妹 (Panda Sister) bag and an exclusive video
Normal Version: 1 CD + 1 DVD, with the exclusive video

Credit: 庚吧
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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