On July 17, 2010 GMMinter, who’s CNBlue official distributor in Thailand held an event for CNBLUE fans. The event is called “Let’s Love Love Love to CNBlue

Below is Jwee@soompi’s fanaccount for the event.

There’s presale Bluetoryy & Bluelove. More activities are watching some VDO clip w/Thai sub, play game with CNBlue question. etc.

Special clip is CNBlue say hi to ThaiFC & Some interview w/games.

First, they say hi to us with Thai!!.
Ex.Sawaddee Krub (=Hello), Pom Chue JungYongHwa (=My name is JungYongHwa), Pom Len Kitar (=I play guitar), Khob Khun Krub (=Thank you) etc.
Their tone & accent are very cute. Jungshin, JongHyun & Mihyuk say Pom rak khun = I love you. OMG. they are so adorable!!
But YongHwa always makes joking by saying Robocop!! (I think when they say Sawadde krub or Khob Khun Krub, tone like Sawadde Krob or Khob Khun Krob. So, he always say Robocop Robocop and laugh!!!)

Next, there’re some interview. I can not remember all (we are not allowed to record anything TT__TT).
For sample, please tell your ideal woman? Jungshin said he like long hair woman with cap!!! Minhyuk also said “I also like woman with cap. Jonghyun also. YongHwa said he like woman, a completely perfect woman, cute and cap!!!
And they talked about their new rooms, JungShin Snoring behavior, and things to do when they have time (Jungshin want to play Bowling & snooker) etc.

Last, they asked question for us to answer and get the poster.
Q1: YH asked how many “Oetori” in I’m loner?
Ans: 25, YongHwa said “I sing too many Oetori ha ha…”
Q2: Let JongHyun play game w/MinHyuk who will win? (I think it’s not question it’s gambling!!)
Ans: JongHyun take scissor while MinHyuk take paper. JongHyun win.
Q3: Guess, which hair style JungShin like between old style (Bluetory) and new style (Bluelove)?
Ans: JungShin said he more like new hair style. and he talked something about cockroach with haistyle.
Q4: YongHwa asked when JongHyun start to play guitar?
Ans: When started high school. Fist song was “To you” (Korean song)
Q5: JH asked YongHwa has 3 guitars, blue, green and brown-black. Guess which one he like most?
Ans: YH said he likes all. (Arhhh…nobody win this question.)
Q6: How many time minhyuk’s drumstick was broken?
Ans: 3

Credit : cnbluestrom