Super Junior’s Prediction Comes True “Miss Korea” Congratulation Stage“Miinah*”

Super Junior’s prediction has come true. To be held on the 25th, the “2010 Miss Korea Selections”, shall use Super Junior’s 4th album title song, “Miinah” for its congratulation stage. In May, after releasing their 4th album, Super Junior expressed in an interview “When we completed the 4th album, we didn’t regret working hard, we wanted to make a good album, we always thought about it this way” and “letting everyone see our really hardworking image. This year’s Miss Korea theme song, will it be Miinah?” The saying at that time was because Super Junior was talking half jokingly about the unique nature of the title. In reality, on the 25th, on the “Miss Korea Selections”, it became the congratulation stage’s song. Super Junior’s prediction 2 months ago can be considered coming true. On top of that, recently Park Ji Sung introduced Super Junior’s “Miinah” to his Manchester United teammate Patrice Evra, creating another hot topic.

Credit: newsen
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