Mollae camera= tricking people by telling jokes but you’re being filmed. You see it on many korean tv shows…(note: hidden camera)

When Super Junior debut, they were a group of 12. At that time it was a big number. Even between the members, there were arguments. Eunhyuk said “I thought it was a joke that there was going to be 12 members. I thought it was a mollae camera”.

On SBS’s “Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” which was aired on July 27th, Leeteuk said he was shocked to hear that there was going to be 12 members. However, he confessed that , that big number changed him of being shocked, into giving him confidence.

The thought of ” all 12 members will be successful” was less. Of course the members thought it that way. However, this became a strenght for them. They grew by competing with one another.

Leeteuk said ”the thought that not every one of us will be successful, while we planned to not think this we became closer as well. When we see a member who is becoming more famous, we feel competitive and go for it. This was how one by one we became known.”

Yesung who said he became known quite late said, ” Now i can say this as a funny story, but  at that time it was really hard for me. After our debut, it took 3 weeks for my face to get a closeup [ on music shows]. My voice could be heard, but my face was no where to be seen.”

Sungmin said ” There’s still people who dont even know me” and caused a big laughter.

Source: newsen
Translation: teukiebiased @ Sapphirepearls