Super Junior has debut for 6 years. Before debut, as trainees, their longest training was 5 years. However, Kyuhyun the youngest ended his days as a trainee in just 3 months. Sungmin exposed “Kyuhyun who was only a trainee for 3 months may be better than Leeteuk who was a trainee for 5 years”.

On SBS’s “Bae Gi Wan, Choi Young Ah, Jo Hyung Gi’s Good Morning” which was aired on July 27th, Leeteuk said “Eunhyuk, Sungmin and I were trainees for 5 years. On the other hand, Kyuhyun the youngest was only a trainee for 3 months.”

Kyuhyun said “I came in [ the group] at the perfect timing” and showed off his skills in talking.

Yesung said  “Although Leeteuk trained for 5 years and Kyuhyun trained for 3 months, in skills Kyuhyun may be better.” This caused a big laughter to all. Yesung also shared about the reason, why he is telling this. ” I also trained for 5 years , but Leeteuk doesnt care for me.” This cause a big laughter again.

Source: newsen
Translation: teukiebiased @ Sapphirepearls