Not long ago we were drinking. TOP hyung likes to drink a lot.

So that time he told me “drinking wine makes me feel ‘down’.” “But drinking Champagne makes me feel UP!” “If we drink wine we’ll feel down but drinking champagne will make us feel UP”. If we want to become ‘deep’ we must drink champagne to feel up.

Then TOP hyung said, “I think I’m feeling really DOWN so let’s drink some champagne!“

So we drank tons and tons of champagne and got all hyper, then TOP hyung said “I think we are too ‘UP’ now so let’s drink some wine…

Haha TOP is so refined drinking wine and champagne. Is that an imitation of TOP’s voice when he’s drunk? haha so funny, Seungri was letting it all out! XDD Btw the words “UP” “DOWN” & “DEEP” were actually said in english. ^^

credits: alee @ ibigbang