Seo YeSeul who resembles Brown Eyed Girls GaIn garners great interests.

Non-celebrity Seo YeSeul will make appearance on cable channel tvN ‘Hwa SeongIn vs Hwa SeongIn’ aired on 29th July as GaIn’s lookalike.

Seo YeSeul is known to be a dancer, and she had GaIn’s trademark smokey makeup and the same hairstyle and fashion. To confirm the degree of resemblance between the 2, the production team of the show had looked up specialists in the field of medical aesthetics. And the specialist commented, “Their eyes, which is the most impressionable part of a person, look 80% alike. And in terms of appearance as a whole, the 2 are 95% lookalike.”

Also, the production team collected both Seo YeSeul and GaIn’s photos and did a survey amongst 200 over people, and many had commented that the 2 had looked really alike.

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