BoA’s album cover and tracklist for her comeback album, Hurricane Venus, has finally been released!

The cover shot shows BoA wearing the heavy hair piece that she had previously mentioned on her Twitter, and she’s also wearing some interesting eye makeup.

Anyway, here are the songs on the album:

  1. GAME
  2. Hurricane Venus
  4. 옆사람 (Person Next to You)
  5. M.E.P(My Electronic Piano)
  6. LET ME
  7. 한별 (One Star)
  9. 하루하루 (Ordinary Day)
  10. Don’t Know What To Say
  11. Romance

BoA made sure to plug her own comeback album by tweeting,

6th album Hurricane Venus!! Coming soon!!!!!!! I made it diligently!! The sense to listen to the album in high quality!!^^

BoA’s 6th album will be released on August 5th.  Make sure to support your favorite artists by purchasing their albums, and in this case, that would mean preordering BoA’s new album here!

C: allkpop