2AM Jo Kwon’s slim figure may be misleading, but once he lifts up his shirt, his dazzling body has the powerful impact of causing nosebleeds.

Adding onto his chiseled six pack, 55kg (121 pounds) Jo Kwon could easily lift up heavy weights that weigh 80kg (about 176 pounds). A short video clip of this feat is becoming a hot topic.

With the title ‘Jo Kwon’s success clip of his 80kg bench press’, Jo Kwon’s intense working out mode


Netizens have commented:

“I think it’s amazing that 55kg Jo Kwon could easily lift up 80kg weights. Only people who’ve tried carrying those weights would understand how difficult it is”

“Being 67kg, I even struggle with trying to lift 40kg weights. Jo Kwon has been vigorously working out for all this time”

“I can’t believe it”

A representative from JYP Entertainment revealed:

“Although Jo Kwon may look weak and skinny in figure, he has a lot of muscles”

“He has been working out for a couple of years now. Despite his packed schedule, he always squeezes in 1~2 hours to work out”

“Jo Kwon’s trainer filmed the clip”

C: allkpop