SHINee reveals their excitement to be able to promote in the same time period as their senior BoA.

Back with their 2nd full length album and title song ‘Lucifer’, with more masculine charms. Not only are fans enjoying the boys with their new image, the album is also selling very well, going up on album sales chart.

Leader Onew told MTStarNews reporter on 29th July, “We are really thankful for the love that everyone gave for ‘Lucifer’ since the beginning. Since this is our full length album release after a while so we hope to promote for a longer period of time.”

August also turns out to be the month when ‘Asia’s star’ BoA will be back after 5 years with her 6th album. The SHINee members said, “We are very excited and honoured to be able to promote in the same time period as BoA seonbaenim. We feel that we can learn a lot by being able to watch her performance from near.”

They added, “Even though until now we are not able to see BoA seonbaenim often, whenever we meet, she would give us encouragement. We have heard BoA seonbaenim’s new song and we really like it.”

S: MTStarnews
C: KBites