1. Leeteuk’s first kiss at a public phone box and it was raining at night. so sweet ~ ~ Kyaaakkk

2. While still a trainee, no one brave near Heechul because he creepy. But only the brave Jessica close to him. Well, so Heechul is often claimed that he and Jessica are twins.

3. Reason Kibum SuJu incoming! What? As in united fit Kibum came home from school again listened to songs with dance and one org from BC to see Kibum and Kibum finally had to audition and successfully

4. Leeteuk ever accidentally farted in sukira and would admit the same and finally caught kangin.LOL!

5. Kyuhyun’s first kiss impression is “wet lips” Wew == ‘* hehe, which is still below the age of apology *

6. Leeteuk want to get married with an ELF  and promised to invite all Leeteuk’s elves. * This one I know, because once told by Leeteuk *

7. Sungmin strange dream was to go away and want to live in the uninhabited island.

8. Sungmin was eager to get married and have lots of kids

9. Sungmin had two times lost his wallet. The first purse in found, but the second wallet in returnby someone. lucky to find his wallet Sungmin. kekekek ~

10. Kyuhyun cook good but love to eat, same Leeteuk, Kangin  been frustrated by Kyuhyun because taught cook but he can’t

11. Kyuhyun to the third richest in the SuJu members after the first Siwon and Sungmin yes to 2. $ $

12. Kyuhyun good at math and always working on math problems to fill in spare time.

13.Eunhyuk have lots of fans in Paris!? Eunhyuk really like Dragonball. He has a bottle of water and all complete manga series.

14.Sungmin is one who teaches Sunny ‘SNSD’ play guitar. Moments with Sunny and Sungmin often duel play the game.

15. Kyuhyun laughed hard when stopping and could hurt his own stomach because he’s tired katawa and if already be some minute stop would be laughing again.Kyuhyun also love playing Starcraft

16. First Eunhyuk and HanGeng least near the same, because HanGeng said that Eunhyuk talking really fast, like express trains are defective brakes, so HanGeng hard to understand what Eunhyuk say. If Eunhyuk asked “What?”.


17. Ryeowook  ever want to bring an umbrella and he can sleep for 18 hours a day if he is no on schedule, despite the fact Ryewook cry very easily the heaviest drinkers to four from 13 members

18. Yesung’s most like Autumn Amendment, he dreamed of going to canada.

19 Ki Bum likes cats, rabbits and oranges
but don’t like apples, rats, summer, autumn, and the number 9.

20. Kangin to believe he said that he was the most handsome man. No one in Korea. Continue even though he was often emotional but actually in a warm-hearted people and make people miss.

21. Shindong’s favorite color was Purple, he wanted to really have a sports car, dubbed Tedy bear super junior.

22. Siwon SuJu is often referred to his bodyguard, because of ever holding a black belt in taekwondo

23. Donghae would blush if called prince, really like it as a small child and puppy.

24. We still have HanGeng, Donghae and when their turn doing the dishes, he’ll say “Hyung, let’s play (to decide who would wash).” In the end HanGeng lose and cry with the sad, “whereas I have to cook the food!”

25. Leeteuk very pleased to find good places to sleep. SuJu member said, if Leeteuk have started to pace, he is again looking for a nice place for sleeping.

25. Eunhyuk once jokingly said that if he handsome as Wonbin. Then he laughed his look exactly like Wonbin. When I first became acquainted with HanGeng, Eunhyuk said his name Wonbin. Because HanGeng don’t know anything about Korean celebrity moment. For weeks he was called Enhyuk by the name Wonbin.

26.Leeteuk same like the same rich stroberry Eunhyuk. But if I really like the Milk Stroberry Eunhyuk, Leeteuk prefer juice.

27. With nine Eunhyuk proud that he already appeared on TV in 1992, in same time his father walk clay sunrise continues to get caught by the camera, Suddenly, last aired the even in the tv show, and since then he’s showing off,,

28. When young, Donghae  always rang a neighbor’s house every day after school, he always escaped, a day he had finally caught and beaten by her neighbors.

29. Innocent Ryeowook once told me that he always liked to cook for hyungnya anytime. Then, Donghae came home at midnight after the exercise of his BC, and then he wake Ryeowook from the bed and say, “Get up and cook it for me. “Ryeowook advanced interrupted and said “Hyung, why do you like this? I was sleeping, I’m not a cook. “Donghae with a look of innocence, “Why not You always said you are always like cooking, so I wake you up instead of you always say anything like that before? If so, I will no longer wake you up again later.” Then Ryeowook say, “Well, I cook for Hyung.”

30. Kyuhyun favorite movie: “The Constitution of Crime” & “Romeo & Juliet”. Kyuhyun favorite instrument: clarinet

31. Reliable place to save money is the dispenser … (oh dear .. we do not have a place rich like other)

32. Donghae is easy to cry … especially if you already talking about his father .. he also often cries when he’s calling his family

33. If someone said that short Donghae … Donghae quickly went online to make getting a way to add height and make lots of drinking milk

34. Kibum could cry within a minute when all the inhabit him.

35. When Yesung in high school, hobby he sang. that he would not eat snack in summer the ice for months because she was collecting money to buy a radio. But after buying the radio, she was lazy to learn and ultimately its value down. Yesung’s mother throw the radio up and he crying and crying and want to run away from home.

36. 3 people with the largest income in SuJu: Heechul, Leeteuk and Shindong (if based on income alone). If based on the parents income, Siwon, Sungmin and Kyuhyun

37. Most liked Sungmin wasted day alone, but if asked to choose who he want wasted same day, he choose Eunhyuk. But if he already had a girlfriend, he’s going to pick her girlfriend. Sungmin says if he had a girlfriend, girlfriend it can not be sad, sick and may not be always happy.

38. Donghae mainstay place to save money is in Dispenser.Donghae always use a silver bracelet of her mother.

38. In SuJu member of the most frequent snoring Shindong and Donghae  bolted if Shindong snoring.

39. Yesung never spoke two hours at an event. As a result the share is cut 90%.

40. Eunhyuk’s favorite food is Bananas, is why he’s on call Monkey.

41. Until now, Donghae still confused about why his name Donghae but even so he still writes his name ‘Donghae’

42. Time in Japan, other members  buy ice cream, but Enhyuk instead buy lots of candy, all said will not to spend all his candy .. But finally Enhyuk spent itself candy

43. Donghae always confused why everybody pleased to receive the signature and the person will say ‘thanks’ and Donghae sometimes confused but still say ‘thank you again’

44. The most bizarre words ever written Heechul: ‘I want a body like Siwon and went to church with him, so quiet person, Stop teaching HanGeng filthy language, folds in the eyes of plastic surgery, Feeding Bum hee (my cat) on time, Stop dancing la girl band and Diet. “but until now he had guns prove it,, especially the girl-style dance band.

45. Shindong was greeted with his twitter ELF in Indonesia and he writes ‘ELF Indonesia’ and ‘Love Shindong’ and many think he’ll use google translate

46.Yesung at meals, often holding chopsticks, lifting the edge of the food, if Sleeping Sungmin likes to move from one mattress to other mattress personnel.

47. Everyone knows if Kangin angry it’s really scary, but the basic Kyuhyun’s crazy, he the one man who dared to work on Kangin.

48. Because have money and my wallet, never asked for a discount equal Leeteuk toll builders ..

49. Donghae most afraid of the dark and fear of being alone is why he never turn off the lights when sleep.

50. Heechul felt hurt, he broke when his girlfriend answer the same. Heechul leave long cigarette. Heechul said, love is something that is unique because it can melt a frozen heart and later when married, Heechul wants to have two children, haha * KB * follow-up program

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