Summer Sonic 2010

– This is the first time you’ve taken part in this year’s Summer Sonic, have you ever been to a festival like this before?
I’ve seen video footage of it, but haven’t gone personally. There aren’t many festivals in Korea where artists from abroad can come and participate.
GD: I like these festivals, so even if it’s abroad I try to go. I’ve also been to the DJ Festival in Odaiba. I learn a lot as an audience member since you can see what the performer on stage does to get a response from the audience.

– You look through the eyes of an artist even though you went as an audience member.
GD: Of course. Because I want to incorporate what I saw on stage into our performances. Especially since Summer Sonic is such a huge event, we can’t not fully prepare, and we’ve started to put a lot of thought into it already so that we can show off our diverse colors and styles to people who’ve never seen Big Bang before.
SR: And thinking about how we can combine everything as a team on stage. That’s the most important thing.

– Are there pros and cons to a festival for many different artists rather than a solo concert?
DS: The good thing is that we get excited? (laughs) Especially with a festival like Summer Sonic in which world-renown artists participate, we feel good and our goal to put on an awesome stage gets even higher.
TY: I’m happy with just being amongst people who love music, and getting to go up on that kind of stage.
TOP: What I’m most looking forward to is going on stage with such big artists. Just thinking about it makes me shake.
GD: The atmosphere of a festival like this is different from just a regular live stage, and it’s enjoyable just because of that. But outdoors is different from indoors because the atmosphere can be shifted with just the weather or scenery, so there are more areas to focus on.
TY: As large-scale as this is, I’m worried too. It was amazing and fun and I couldn’t wait to be on stage at a world-renown festival, but the burden also gets bigger. And there’s also the worry of whether we have enough talent to go up on such a stage.

– So you do get burdened.
TOP: I try only to think about how we can put on a good stage and awesome performance so that I don’t have to think about the burden. We can’t not think about how to show off Big Bang’s color amongst all the artists more than we do for our own concerts.

– Do you feel any rivalry or competition with the other artists that will be there?
DS: There’s nothing like that. It’s a festival so it’s not a competition where one loses and another wins, so the most important thing to consider is how we’ll put on a great stage, and I think that’s what we have to focus on and work at. And being able to enjoy ourselves on top of that is most ideal. Wouldn’t it be the same way for the other artists.
TOP: On top of that, we’re really close with Stevie Wonder, who will also be appearing at this year’s Summer Sonic.

– Really?
At night we’ve gone to eat kyu-dong with him. And we’ve also had Okinawa seaweed with him.

– … ah, you’re lying. (laughs)
TOP: Yes (laughs), but we’re so looking forward to being a part of this festival with him, to the point where we want to be able to say things like that.

– So aside from the stage, do you have advice for how to enjoy the festival?
It’s an enjoyable festival, so everyone should laugh and enjoy it. I think we’ll be able to enjoy it even more if we make the performance together, with the mindset that you’re not here to just watch but to participate in the festival yourself.

C: alee