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Honestly when i saw this video, i think it’s a good PV. I like a scenes in this PV when a boy came to a werehouse *i think* and it’s so mystic hahaha , oke by the way what do you think about this video guys ? is good right ?

Jujur pas gue liat ini PV keren banget , dan gue suka sama awalnya yang seorang cowo masuk ke sebuah gudang gitu , kesan mistis gimana gitu hahaha, gimana mnurut kalian bagus ngga ?

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 It is revealed that the earliest they will have their comeback in Korea is in October. They are set to released their 2nd album 2 years after their last album released in November 2008 with title song ‘Sunset Glow’. YG Entertainment told MTStarNews on 20th August, “Big Bang will be releasing their new album coming October~November. We are looking at a full length album release.” The YG rep also added, “Until now Big Bang member GDragon has participated in a way or another in the production of their albums. But for this Korean album, all the songs are produced by GDragon. This is the reason why it took so long to release this album.” “GDragon has been spending time to work on Big Bang’s album even amidst Big Bang’s busy schedule promoting in Japan. But currently the album is about 80% done. We hope that fans will look forward to Big Bang’s new album.” Meanwhile, Big Bang will be releasing their new Japanese single on 25th August.

Indonesia Translate :

Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa awal mereka akan memiliki comeback mereka di Korea pada bulan Oktober. Mereka ditetapkan untuk merilis album 2 mereka 2 tahun setelah album terakhir mereka dirilis pada bulan November 2008 dengan judul lagu ‘Sunset Glow’. YG Entertainment mengatakan MTStarNews pada tanggal 20 Agustus, “Big Bang akan merilis album baru mereka datang Oktober ~ November. Kami melihat sebuah rilis album penuh “The YG rep juga menambahkan,” Sampai sekarang anggota Big Bang GDragon telah berpartisipasi dengan cara atau lain dalam produksi album mereka.. Tapi untuk album ini Korea, semua lagu yang diproduksi oleh GDragon. Ini adalah alasan mengapa begitu lama untuk merilis album ini “”. GDragon telah menghabiskan waktu untuk mengerjakan album Big Bang jadwal sibuk bahkan di tengah-tengah Big Bang mempromosikan di Jepang. Tapi saat ini album adalah sekitar 80% dilakukan. Kami berharap bahwa para penggemar akan selalu berusaha untuk album baru Big Bang “Sementara itu., Big Bang akan merilis single baru Jepang pada 25 Agustus.

Credit: Ibigbang

Solo shots of Big Bang and their concept for their new 5th Japanese single “Beautiful Hangover” dropping this August 25th!

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[SCAN] Anjell's Shin Woo in (Mag) Hanako & WPK Spring 2010

This year, F.T Island was not seen much in Korea as they were busy with promotions in Japan. After successfully rising to third place in Oricon charts, this idol band group plans to make a comeback in Korea with a minialbum that will be released on the 25th.

Recently, member Lee Hong Ki held an interview with Sports Seoul regarding the new album. After several questions regarding the album, he was asked about CNBlue’s leader Jung Yonghwa. In response, Lee Hong Ki answered, He is a good friend and rival that I often compete with. Although I debuted first, I am glad that Jung Yonghwa turned out so well. It might be because I experienced living as a celebrity first, but I understand how hard it must be for Yonghwa to go through such a busy schedule.” 

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