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As a reminder to her fans that her “Copy & Paste” teaser MV will drop in three days, BoA has today released her repackaged album’s concept photos.

Showing a completely different image from her smoky makeup “Hurricane Venus” concept, the photos reveal the cute and cheerful side of BoA.

SM Entertainment stated, “On September 20th, BoA’s teaser will be released on her main homepage and on various video sites“, so be ready for the premiere of the new BoA!

Additionally, “Copy & Paste” will be released on the 27th and her first comeback stage will be through “Music Bank” on the 24th next week. We can’t wait!


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The SM TOWN Live ’10 World Tour in L.A. will be arranged to be shown in theaters as a 3D movie.

The concert, held on September 9 at the LA Staples Center, will be filmed by the director of PACE, founded by the “Avatar”, James Cameron and will spesialisasikan in 3D film production. Not only used for promotion Samsung Electronics, but would be made into a film and shown in theaters.
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This day SHINee winner again in Mubank ! Yeaaay , i am so happy :D I think the winner is Miss A , but SHINee is the winner ! and Today BoA is comeback, i am so excited about her comeback, and her dace are so good i think, and Hwanhee and Zia make their comeback too. MBLAQ who had a goodbye stage and Infinite who started their follow-up promotions.

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Indonesian Translate :

Hari ini SHINee comeback, serius aku senang sekali mendengar hal itu ! kukira bakalan Miss A yang menang ternyata SHINee lah pemenangnya wuhuu~ dan BoA mengeluarkan comeback yang sangat memukau menurut ku :D oia selain BoA yang comeback ada juga Hwanhee dan Zia yang mengadakan comeback. MBLAQ mengadakan goodbyestage hari ini *huhu bye bye Mir, aku tunggu lagu baru kalian* dan Infinite yang sedang mengadakan promosi

Lihat di bawah ya video – videonya

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Member of the Beat Freaks and The Geminiz, Rino Nakasone has been garnering quite a lot of attention lately for her work with SM Entertainment artists. Just several days ago, her performance of Super Junior’s No Other attracted many video hits from netizens. But that’s not the end of her. She recently made another appearance with yet another SME artist–BoA!

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BoA’s album cover and tracklist for her comeback album, Hurricane Venus, has finally been released!

The cover shot shows BoA wearing the heavy hair piece that she had previously mentioned on her Twitter, and she’s also wearing some interesting eye makeup.

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SHINee reveals their excitement to be able to promote in the same time period as their senior BoA.

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The ballad song ‘Stand By (옆사람)’  off BoA’s upcoming 6th comeback album ‘Hurricane Venus’.

Ahead of this, she also revealed the song ‘Game‘. She will be revealing the title song ‘Hurricane Venus’ next.

Love it or not?

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