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[SCAN] Anjell's Shin Woo in (Mag) Hanako & WPK Spring 2010

This year, F.T Island was not seen much in Korea as they were busy with promotions in Japan. After successfully rising to third place in Oricon charts, this idol band group plans to make a comeback in Korea with a minialbum that will be released on the 25th.

Recently, member Lee Hong Ki held an interview with Sports Seoul regarding the new album. After several questions regarding the album, he was asked about CNBlue’s leader Jung Yonghwa. In response, Lee Hong Ki answered, He is a good friend and rival that I often compete with. Although I debuted first, I am glad that Jung Yonghwa turned out so well. It might be because I experienced living as a celebrity first, but I understand how hard it must be for Yonghwa to go through such a busy schedule.” 

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Japanese fans will be getting another live taste of FT Island this September!

An official from FNC Music, the boys’ company, stated that they are scheduled to perform at a live concert put on by the popular Japanese magazine, “PATI-PATI”. The concert venue will be JCB Hall, and will take place on September 4th.

Joining the boys onstage are popular Japanese groups RHYMESTER and CHEMISTRY. CHEMISTRY is a R&B duo who sang “Let’s Get Together Now” with Lena Park and Brown Eyes for the 2002 World Cup. RHYMSTER is a hip-hop group who also has a good number of rock fans, due to their collaborations with renowned Japanese rock musicians.

FT Island is determined to make a splash in the Japanese music scene. They signed with Warner Music Japan earlier this year, and released their debut Japanese album “Flower Rock” soon after.  The album placed in the top ten on the Oricon charts. They are currently preparing for their performance for the Zepp Tour, which takes place next Friday.

Source: Asiae

On July 14th, the boys of F.T. Island are scheduled to release their Japanese singles album titled Brand New Dayunder Warner Music Japan. The singles album will contain 4 tracks: 1) Brand New Day, 2) Music Life, 3 Treasure and 4) Brand New Day Instrumental.

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The song sounds pretty awesome and the MV rocks as well. The boys are scheduled to appear and perform on May 17th’s Music Japan. They’re also scheduled to hold a concert tour in Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai and Tokyo. After their summer tour in Japan, F.T. Island plans to return to Korea with a new album in September