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Seo YeSeul who resembles Brown Eyed Girls GaIn garners great interests.

Non-celebrity Seo YeSeul will make appearance on cable channel tvN ‘Hwa SeongIn vs Hwa SeongIn’ aired on 29th July as GaIn’s lookalike.

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A set of photos for ‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn’s feature in August issue of Weddings Instyle Korea has been released recently
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Jo Kwon said that if he wanted to go out with gains. Prior to the MBC’s Come to Play JungEum he met with Hwang. JungEum Hwang asked the Jo Kwon ‘If they’re right out if it was serious Gain’?

Jo Kwon seemed confused when asked to answer JungEum Hwang. He admitted that if he gain a date in the future, he will not tell siapapaun.

After hearing this, Hwang JungEum directly told him to go on a date with a gain and when you ask them like that Jo Kwon was surprised and reveals a very funny face

credit : AFC
translater : mayachildish@otokee.wp.com

The First half of the year has already ended! Previously, the top 10 most album sales were announced already but this time it is the top 20 songs with the most sales and online downloads has been released. KT Music has released on the 30th the top 20 songs that has done impressively well in the first half of the year from January 1 to June 28. 15 out of the 20 songs are from idol groups making it 80% of the total songs are from idol groups.

Check out the full list.

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Gain a sudden hug Jo Kwon and surprised him.

We Got Married on MBC that aired on June 5, Couples Jo Kwon and Ga In view of their vacation time into the episode HongKong.Saat Gain memluk Jo Jo Kwon and Kwon looks confused but looked pleased.

Then in the last episode. Jo Kwon tried to get back hugs from Gain Gain but this time even refused hugs Jo Kwon. Then Gain said, “I will reject it because I had things I’ve prepared”

In addition, Jo Kwon Gain also provides a package that he has made his own chocolate. Gain also offers to have a couple rings, but Jo Kwon even pretended not to hear.

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In the photos revealed, the 3 of them had posed affably together. TaecYeon was even spotted wearing a cap with the words ’2PM’ printed on it. GaIn wrote, “I met Taec-Bal and SeulOngie by chance at the Macdonald’s near our shop. And I thought about a few years back when we were MCs for UClean concert.”

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Made-believe couple on MBC We Got Married Adam Couple Jo Kwon and GaIn will come together for duet ‘We Fell In Love 2′.

Last autumn, the couple released the duet ‘We Fell In Love’ and it was #1 up on various online music charts and was hailed as a hit song. And the couple will work together with the composer and lyricist of the song ‘We Fell In Love’ this time round again.

The song ‘We Fell In Love’ is composed by hit maker Lee MinSoo (who produced many hits for Brown Eyed Girls like ‘Abracadabra’ and ‘Sign’ etc). And there is great anticipation for the song ‘We Fell In Love 2′ which features Lee MinSoo and lyricist Kim EeNa.

There has also been great interest of couple Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun will have their own duet with Jo Kwon and GaIn already doing their 2nd.

Meanwhile, the song will be revealed in early June.


Credit : Sookyong