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Popular MC, singer, and actor Lee Seung Gi is currently starring as Cha Dae Woong in the popular SBS drama 내 여자친구는 구미호 My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. In two weeks, the show will come to an end but before that happens the show is releasing songs from the OST (Original Soundtrack).

Earlier today the track, 지금부터 사랑해 / Starting Now I Love You was released via digital download. Once again Lee Seung Gi shows off his wonderful vocals in this ballad. Remember to support the artist by purchasing the music and thanks to jamie for the tip. Continue reading


Jang DongGun, Bae YongJoon, Joo JinMo, Jo InSung are some of the Korean artistes picked by American CNN as ‘South Korea’s 20 hottest male celebs’.

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Lee Seung Gi’s Smile Boy from his 3rd album is garnering popularity for being the cheer song at the Winter Olympics. The song is frequently used as the theme song for clips supporting Korean athletes in the Winter Olympics for its encouraging lyrics.

In the lyrics, the part that says, ‘You have me, you have an eternal dream, be strong, be brave, you can do it!’ mimics how both the athletes and the supporters feel. The lyrics and the bright melody is a source of hopes and dreams for everyone.

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kekekeke~ lee seung gi , imut yaaaa >.<

Calm down fangirls, the nation’s prince is just doing this for a commercial!

Lee Seung Gi has gotten a CF deal with Pizza Hut, and recent photos of him getting ready have surfaced up on the web, gaining much attention. The photo’s showed the natural side of Lee Seung Gi getting his hair and make up done.

Fans who have seen the photo said things like, “I am happy that we could see a side of Lee Seung Gi that is hard to find,” and “He is attractive even when he is stretching, waiting for the filming of his commercial.”

The commercial had Lee Seung Gi acting as a hyper, cute boyfriend, who is enjoying his date.

Credit : Allkpop

Yoo Jae Suk?  On the latest edition of Korean variety show Happy Together, guests Lee Seung GiKim Jong KookNarsha and Ga In of the Brown Eyed Girls and Shorry J ofMighty Mouth joined MCs Yoo Jae SukPark Myung SuPark Mi Seon, and Shin Bong Sun.  Lee Seung Gi revealed that he wants to be an MC like Yoo Jae Suk (I wonder how Hodong feels about that).

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