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새벽에 녹음실에서 테디신님 몰래 꾸벅꾸벅 졸다가…ㅋ 너무 졸려서 화장실 가는척하고 나왔어요! 신사옥 녹음실층 라운지같은데 쇼파가 좋거든요 ㅋㅋ 거기서 드뤄눠서 자다가.. 가위에 눌린거에요!!! 근데 그 모습을 사장님께서 목격하신듯해요..ㅋ ㅠ웬일이니 ㅋㅋㅋ웃기죠?ㅋ

In English:

Early morning in the recording studio with Teddy and slowly nodding off… ㅋ I pretended to go to the bathroom and came outside! The floor in the new YG Building recording studio is like a lounge and the sofas are great ㅋㅋ I laid down for a bit and nodded off!!! But YG saw me and that was it..ㅋ ㅠ Ahh~ ㅋㅋㅋ Funny, right?ㅋCredit :

Credit : AA-Chan


oh, i’m really sorry. its not a lot and post very little. longer busy and that usually post again go .. hehehe
hemm, it’s gone we’ll start with news from Onew, although it’s been one day but it’s okay for posted:)
Onew update the status of this yesterday in his me2day

여러분에게 달려가는 샤이니의 발들~ (연습중이구요 …) 밥 잘 챙겨드시구 조금만 기다리시라구요^^ 이제 저는 오늘도 <야행성>으로~

Showing everyone SHINee’s running feet~ (while practicing …) Eat well and wait a little longer please^^ I even went to <Nocturnal> today~

if they run out of his status to dance training. Oh mean, not so patiently, waiting for their comeback

source : me2day Onew
translater : mayachildish@otokee.wp.com

[Key] 내가 좋아하는!!! 음!!!!

[Key] I like!!! Um!!!!

Credit : AA Chan

Dara’s Update

뒤늣게 도착한 1주년 선물 한바구니ㅋㅋ지각생들!ㅋ팬분들이 주시는 편지나 선물들은 다 소중하지만 개인적인 취향으로 내가 젤 좋아하는것중 하나는 우리의 사진이나 자료를 모아서 만들어주시는 사진앨범이나~재밌는 책들ㅋㅋ완전 좋아요!^.^ㅋ

This arrived in a basket for our 1 year anniversaryㅋㅋLifestyle perceptions!ㅋ Although all fan gifts are valuable to us, I especially like the ones where they keep pictures of us to create a message book~ Fun booksㅋㅋ Super awesome!^.^ㅋ

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요즘영어공부중………!! 단어암기!!!!!

These days I’m studying English………!! A word memorizing machine!!!!!

Credit : AA Chan

두둥!!!굿모닝!^.^ 오늘밤 에브리바디 승승장구 닥본사!!!ㅋ공중파…예능..토크쇼..HD..ㅠ굉장히 떨렸는데 열심히했어용!x떳,단x,강x장 이후로 첫출연!꽈~연..이번엔편집안당했을지?ㅋ구혜선 승승장구 고고고~!!!

Tada!!! Good morning!^.^ *talking about ‘Win Win’ with Goo Hye Sun*

Credit : AA Chan

[종현] 첫번째는 우리누나‥‥

[Jong Hyun] The first time my sister ‥ ‥