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wow .. CN. Blue  wins today with “Love” as far as i was the second victory for them .. yes no? understand, I very rarely .. hhe, this post again because who likes to go: p
okay, we’ll just see perforn from other artists.
let’s check

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After a long wait,,, finally! Music Bank this time on July 2, 2010,, won by IU to Nagging,,, chukkae onnie,,, this looks cool with Seo In Kook ..

Oh, well! There was also a comeback Super Junior with No Other,, haio check out! There is also another appearance!

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Having been off air for the past fortnight due to the Dream Concert 2010 and World Cup 2010 documentary broadcasts, SBS’s No.1 music program Inkigayo finally made its return on June 13th with its 576th episode!

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Their debut in 3 June

love or not ?

Ahead of their debut, upcoming girlgroup SISTAR (Bora, HyoRin, DaSom, SoYoo)releases part of their album jacket cuts.

Debuting with a single album in June, the album jacket photos are released online recently. And in the photos, the girls show off each of their unique styles through the concept of the

photoshoot which is backstage concept. What is noticeable is their funky and retro makeup and fashion in the photoshoot.

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The photoshoot of a upcoming 4-member girlgroup SISTAR catches the attention of many.

Ahead of their debut in April, SISTAR makes their first appearance in a photoshoot in fashion magazine Ceci. They are another group after MBLAQ who made their first appearance through a photoshoot before their official debut.

Already the curiosity for the new group is strong before their official debut. And a preview given by music industry experts is ‘An upcoming capable 4-member girlgroup’.

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