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This day SHINee winner again in Mubank ! Yeaaay , i am so happy :D I think the winner is Miss A , but SHINee is the winner ! and Today BoA is comeback, i am so excited about her comeback, and her dace are so good i think, and Hwanhee and Zia make their comeback too. MBLAQ who had a goodbye stage and Infinite who started their follow-up promotions.

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Indonesian Translate :

Hari ini SHINee comeback, serius aku senang sekali mendengar hal itu ! kukira bakalan Miss A yang menang ternyata SHINee lah pemenangnya wuhuu~ dan BoA mengeluarkan comeback yang sangat memukau menurut ku :D oia selain BoA yang comeback ada juga Hwanhee dan Zia yang mengadakan comeback. MBLAQ mengadakan goodbyestage hari ini *huhu bye bye Mir, aku tunggu lagu baru kalian* dan Infinite yang sedang mengadakan promosi

Lihat di bawah ya video – videonya

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Son DamBi releases the full MV to her comeback title song ‘Queen’ on 8th July!

After listening to the full song and seen the MV, are you excited for her comeback?

Stay tuned to the release of Can’t U See tomorrow, as well as Son Dambi’s full album along with her title track on July 8th!

Just a few days ago, queen Son Dambi updated her website with a brand new logo in order to prepare for her comeback which is right around the corner.

Well, the diva’s website was updated once again today with a new photo revealing Son Dambi herself wearing a musketeer outfit while holding a sword. D-9 is also printed in the bottom left-hand corner to indicate that the countdown for her album release has officially started. Continue reading