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We all know how big SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 is going to be, especially because its coming to Los Angeles this year. Well, it turns out things are only getting better for attendees!

SM Entertainment recently held a press conference for the SMTOWN LIVE ‘10 World Tour, and said it will be held in major cities, including Los Angeles, Tokyo, Shanghai, and other places around Asia. The agency also confirmed that the concert will last around 6 hours, and will feature a total of about 80 songs!

To further spice things up, it has been confirmed that some exclusive duet performances will be held just for fans. These include TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho & Max Changmin, BoA & SHINee’s Key, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & SNSD’s Seohyun, and finally Jessica with f(x)’s Krystal.

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Epop: Your schedules are very tight, how do you take care of your body/ health?
SJ: We will exercise, or go to the gym to work out with friends!

Epop: Then Donghae, can you tell us where is your charm?
Donghae: Someone tell me once, that my eyes is full of charm. But truthfully, I felt that my eyes looked like it is full of sorrow/ sorrowful eyes.

Epop: You guys are really popular, even little kids love you all!
SJ: Haha.. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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This is the name of Super Junior members according to clan and tell us the names of Super Junior if another member on the outside of the country,

Basically, it divided the Korean name and surname followed by first names. The family name (seong) and forename (Myeong) spliced together. There are only 250 Korean surname is most common, and three of the greatest is the clan Kim, Park and Lee. Among children SuJu, anyone who surname same? and what is his surname?

The answer is that .. the first was Kim clan! And, in superjunior, there seems to be five people they consist of the same surname

김희철 – Kim Heechul

김종운 – Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)

김종운 – Kim Youngwoon (Kang In)

김려욱 – Kim Ryeowook

김기범 – Kim Kibum

Who is second is attached to the Lee clan name:

이동해 – Lee Donghae

이성민 – Lee Sungmin

이혁재 – Lee HyukJae

Many really well! Yesung and even a hard Kanginn dibedain! Lee Hyukjae own name, including class names into the market and forced digantik Eunhyuk … Eun own words that stood in front of it has meaning silver Eunhyuk!

The question …! if they hold concerts in abroad such as China, Hong Kong and the United … the pronunciation is a bit tongue other than the other. How do they pronounce the name – the name of the child SuJu? Here is a list of names that have been selected by SuJu to anticipate the tongue – the tongue of non-Korean! hehehehe ….

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Super Junior’s Lee Teuk recently revealed his current ideal type.

On the 2nd, guests Kim JiSun, Shin BongSun, and Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Shindong appeared on KBS 2TVHappy Birthday‘.

On the show, Lee Teuk revealed how his ideal type has changed from before he was in his 20s until now. Some that surprised guests was the transformation from actress Shim EunHa to Jeon JiHyun.

When asked who his ideal type was at the moment, he stated SNSD. He then caused laughter amongst the guests by saying, “I’m not saying I want all 9 of them.”

Lee Teuk explained, “I’ve known SNSD members since they were little. They entered their 20s all of a sudden, and the girls that I always looked as little became beautiful.”

He grabbed the attention of viewers with his specific ideal type by saying, “I think a mixture of Yoona, Taeyeon, and Seohyun would be closest to my ideal type.”

Also on this episode, Shindong revealed how he was born at 4.3kg. Noh SaYeon beat Shindong by revealing that she was born at 4.8kg, causing laughter on the set. Continue reading

Arirang show behind the scenes during filming repackage album Super Junior. They show the ‘No Other’ and ‘A Short Journey’!

The guns could see her videos there! Check out! Eng sub of course!

Indonesian Tranaslate:

Arirang menampilkan behind the scene saat Super Junior syuting repackage album. Mereka menampilkan ‘No Other’ dan ‘A short Journey’ !!

Yang ngga sempat lihat video nya ada !! Check out!! Eng sub pastinya!!

Credits: arirangworld
Source : PrinceKyu
English Translate : mayachildish@otokee.wordpress.com

Taken on 100731

Taken on 100801

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