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Supernova, who made a comeback after three years, is now wrapping up their short, one month-long album promotion.

On the 21st, Supernova will be heading back to Japan in order to release and promote their anniversary album.

Maru Entertainment’s Chan-I Kang commented that “The month-long Korean promotion was a very difficult one to schedule, because it was arranged despite Universal Music Japan’s earnest request to continue promotions in Japan” and that “Because the 9th single reached up to 6th place on the Oricon charts, …it was decided that promotions in Japan could not be delayed any longer, and therefore we chose to head back to Japan.”

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Girl group T-ara and boy band Supernova released their third collaborative single allegedly titled Time to Love 3, or JP,  in Japanese. Aside from the fact that the track is sung completely in a foreign language, Time to Love 3 sounds different from the two preceding versions. However, it still retains an electric sound that will easily hook you into listening to it again and again.

The two idol groups recently scored a 1 million dollar endorsement deal with Japanese food chain GUSTO. They personally flew to Japan order to film the CF and the results look well worth it. The GUSTO CF provided a sneak peak of the song, but now the whole package can be heard below.

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