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ChoKyuHyun GaemGyu

@BoA_1105 굿나잇^^

@BoA_1105 안되나내일녹음있옹..ㅜㅋㅋㅋ일단낼상황봐서요^^

BoA Kwon BoA_1105

@Heedictator ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그럼 생방 2시간동안 내노래만 틀기…^^ ㅋㅋ 내가 드뎌 은혁씨와 이특오빠를 팔로우!!!!!

@Heedictator 응 영어야. ㅋ

@NemoBoA 주세요. ㅋ


다들 바쁜데 깜짝 생일파티 해준 2PM의 우영이랑 택연이 글구 주최한 우리 겸댕이 f(x)의 설리 함께 해준 인기가요 피디님과 작가분들 감쟈감쟈 다들 내 기운속에서 살거야~ http://tweetphoto.com/31657613

TRANS: Everyone are so busy, but still prepareed a surprise for me. With 2PM Wooyoung and Taecyeon and the sole organiser f(x) Sulli. Inkigayo Mr. PD and all artists that came, thanks thanks. Everyone live beneath my glory~

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ha! Super Junior M’s  Henry stolen mobile phone?
21 hours ago (but now it’s no longer 21 hours) expresses his lack of feeling he was on the Tweet-Tweet strange that emerged in his mobile phone.
um, if so let me give you guys see her Tweet.

Henry Lau henrylau89

Hey my phone got stolen yesterday so that explains the weird tweets. I got it back now so no more of that. Hope everyone is doing fine! about 21 hours ago via web

apologize once again for all the inappropriate tweets. -Henry about 21 hours ago via web

Cr : Henry Twitter

what’s up with you Ryeowook?
3 hours ago, he updated his status on twitter.
hemm, you better look at themselves and can take a decision ..

참자! 조금만 참으면 된다. 화가 나고 분해도 참자! 조용한 놈이 바보가 되지 않는다는 걸 보여주자! 뒤에서 말 못하는 바보가 진짜 바보라 여기는 더러운 세상이지만 내가 바꿔놓을거야 현명하게 행동하자! 아자! 울지 말자! .

Never mind! Is only temporary. Exploded angry take it easy! He does not fool me show you a quiet runner! Babora dumb idiot behind this dirty world, but I really would have changed Let’s evasive action! Yes! Do not cry! .

I think he is like want to cry ..
But ..
Ryeowook oppa, hwaiting! you must get past his problems .. although I do not know what the truth:)
but keep the spirit!

credit : Ryeowook’s twitter

translater : mayachildish@otokee.wordpress.com

Heechul :

눈이 짝짝이처럼 나왔네 포토바이 설리가 진리

Oh, it’s like wearing two different colored eyes   Truth Photo By Sully

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Yesterday Nichkhun 2PM update her status in twitter “HELLOOOOOOO BALI !!!!! ♥”
Surely all the fans on twitter he wondered if it was true Nichkhun was in Bali, and why would he be in Bali this time? shooting? or something else?

This, I gave her twitter update yesterday ya ..


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for the lover of Lee Minho have updated his twitter Minho .. he just seemed to make a twitter .. if anyone wants to follow please:)