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[SCAN] Anjell's Shin Woo in (Mag) Hanako & WPK Spring 2010

This year, F.T Island was not seen much in Korea as they were busy with promotions in Japan. After successfully rising to third place in Oricon charts, this idol band group plans to make a comeback in Korea with a minialbum that will be released on the 25th.

Recently, member Lee Hong Ki held an interview with Sports Seoul regarding the new album. After several questions regarding the album, he was asked about CNBlue’s leader Jung Yonghwa. In response, Lee Hong Ki answered, He is a good friend and rival that I often compete with. Although I debuted first, I am glad that Jung Yonghwa turned out so well. It might be because I experienced living as a celebrity first, but I understand how hard it must be for Yonghwa to go through such a busy schedule.” 

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I got the news that interest me .. But excuse me if this blog is more rarely post anymore .. really sorry. because again the busy ..
Yes, go to the news topic .. Here is an article about a list of 50 celebrities which are popular among teenagers .. hemm, by the way there’s not among that list your idol? if I’m there .. hhe, so

Let’s Gooooo!!!

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