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SJ’s Eunhyuk disclose his friendship with TVXQ Xiah Junsu.

In acaraya KBS2 TV Happy Birthday which aired September 6 at 11:05 PM, Eunhyuk performed with Eunyoung Choi emcee and artist Lee Ah-hyeon, prepare their images to be disclosed to the public, and some funny comments about the drawings.

Eunhyuk recalled, “Since childhood, I had dreams of being a dancer. In grade six, I began performing in a dance team, “said, showing several photographs of her childhood. Surprisingly, there was his picture along with TVXQ Xiah Junsu adjacent to look sharp.

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Some happy news for the ardent members of Cassieopeia!

With the friction between SM Entertainment and DBSK’s Hero JaejoongXiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun, the members have not been very active in general for a while. However, it has recently been released that DBSK’s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin plan to stand on stage together to perform a duet on the 21st of August at SMTOWN LIVE ‘10!

A representative from SM Entertainment commented that “SMTOWN LIVE-exclusive performances were prepared for the tour, such as U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin’s duet, BoA and SHINee’s Key – a duet  teaming up for the first time, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SNSD’s Seohyun’s duet, and a sister duo with SNSD’s Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal, just to name a few of the special performances that will take place.”

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[Korean boy band TVXQ [SM Entertainment]

Korean idol group TVXQ will be releasing a special Japanese DVD album on July 15, according to Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Sports on Wednesday.

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Want to say congratulations for Super Junior,, Why? Yups, they became “the most famous Korean Artists in Arabia.” Although the Arab tight with peraturan2 about religion, but apparently the virus can be stopped engga Korea. And the proof is a list of the most famous Korean bands in Arabic,, haio see!
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01. Minho- SHINee (2494)
02. Jung Yong Hwa – C.N.Blue (2129)
03. G-Dragon – Big Bang (1774)
04. Jokwon – 2AM (1648)
05. Taecyeon – 2PM (1249)
06. Ki Kwang – Beast(1099)
07. Nichkhun – 2PM (1045)
08. Kim Hyun Joong – SS501 (1044)
09. Jonghyun – SHINee (886)
10. Dongho – U-Kiss (880)
11. Doojoon – Beast (843)
12. Onew – SHINee (699)
13. SHINee Key (670)
14. Big Bang TOP (623)
15. Taemin – SHINee (561)
16. Hongki – FT Island511)
17. Yunho – TVXQ (321)
18. Jaejoong – TVXQ (257)
19. Junsu – TVXQ (247)
20. Daesung – Big Bang (240)
21. MBLAQ Thunder (235)
22. Seungri – Big Bang (156)
23. Yoochun – TVXQ (156)
24. Heechul – Super Junior (148)
25. Siwon – Super Junior (145)
26. Kim Jun – T-Max (141)
27. Soohyun – U-Kiss (130)
28. Youngsaeng – SS501 (99)
29. Changmin – TVXQ (75)
30. Taeyang – Big Bang (67)

source: BaiduNichkhun + BaiduTVXQ
translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

3 members of Tohoshinki – Junsu, Jejung & Yuchun flew to America for a recording. An official confirmed on the 28th that the three are currently staying in America and are working on their new album.

They also said that “The three members are planning to release this album in August, so they are currently preparing for that. With Asia as their target, this album will be released under a well-known international recording label. ”

Songwriter Kim Hyun-Suk is the producer for this project, and popular American hip-hop singers Kanye West, Timbaland and others will also be involved.

Source: [Chosun Online]
Translation Credits: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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Japanese Gossip Magazine “Friday” reported on DBSK Max Changmin and his “secret girlfriend”, who sat right next to him in a photo, with the long beautiful hair.

It turned out to be that the “girlfriend” in that photo was actually SHINee Minho. Minho and Changmin together attended the Michael Jackson tribute concert “This Is It” by DBSK fellow Yunho not long ago.

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